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Anna Anderson 1

Anna Anderson 1

As you read through the facts about Anna Anderson, fill in your table with evidence that shows that she was an imposter and evidence that shows she was Anastasia.

The Facts

On February 17th 1920, a young woman jumped off a bridge in Berlin.

She was rescued and taken to a hospital.

She had no ID on her.

She was put in a mental hospital where another inmate said that she looked like Nicholas II's daughter, Tatiana. Anna Anderson made no comment but later claimed that she was Anastasia.

Anna Anderson eventually explained how a soldier had seen her move and had rescued her. She had married him and had a baby. He was later killed in a fight and she placed the baby in an orphanage.

Anastasia's aunt thought that she was very similar to Anastasia.

Princess Cecille, a relative of Anastasia, believed that Anderson was Anastasia.

A ballerina who had been Nicholas II's mistress before he married, believed that Anna had Nicholas's eyes.

Grand Duke Alexander spent two days with her and believed her to be Anastasia.

Gleb Botkin, son of the family doctor believed her story.

Anderson had knowledge about Anastasia's uncle, Ernst of Hess, that only a member of the family could have known.

Anna Anderson often acted like a mad woman, but her supporters said that this was not surprising after watching her whole family murdered.

Anna Anderson understood Russian but refused to speak it on the grounds that it was the language of those who had killed her family.

Some people thought she was a Polish factory worker. However, she spoke good English, French and German - unusual for a Polish factory worker.

Anna Anderson had scars on her body that she claimed had come from the gun shots and bayonet wounds.

Anderson had a foot deformity - so did Anastasia.