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Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion

[346] Thursday, May 1.—Battery No. 1. A few shots were fired this p. m. at Yorktown wharf; with what effect is not known, as the fog was thick. Fire at the rate of one shot per hour was maintained at this battery all night, to prevent the enemy’s transports, which were driven away yesterday afternoon, from returning to discharge their freight under cover of darkness. Some of the pintle-blocks have started; repairs will be made at once.

Battery No. 2. No change. A working party of 80 or 100 men is needed to complete the road.

Batteries Nos. 3 and 5. No changes.

Battery No. 4. Two more mortars mounted, three more mortars discharged, five beds discharged, and five platforms laid.

Battery No. 6. Six 4 ½ -inch guns and ammunition sent to Battery No. 10.

Battery No. 9. Not yet ready for platforms and the magazine not yet completed.

Battery No. 10. Garrisoned by two companies of Fifth New York Volunteers. Six platforms laid for 4 ½ -inch guns, and the six guns placed in position ready for service. Magazine supplied with one hundred rounds per gun for six guns. One 100-pounder platform laid and materials hauled in for two more.

Battery No. 11. Material got out of hewn timber for foundations for four 10-inch sea-coast mortar platforms. Magazine nearly completed.

Battery No. 13. Not yet ready for its garrison.

Battery No. 14. Reported ready for its garrison to-night. One company First Connecticut Artillery detailed, and platforms will be laid to-morrow.

Cheeseman’s Landing. Four 20-pounders, four Whitworth guns, and five platforms for 100-pounders landed and sent up to depot. Four 10-inch sea-coast mortars landed, and a large quantity of shot, shell, and implements sent from landing to depot.


Friday, May 2, 1862.—Battery No. Repairs made to the platforms. Sixty shot and shell fired at the enemy’s wharf and water battery with apparent good effect. The long-range gun in the enemy’s high bastion is believed to have burst.

Battery No. Mantelets put up in embrasures. One 4 1/2-inch gun transferred to Battery No. 10.

Batteries Nos. 3, 5, and 6. No change.

Battery No. Three 13-inch mortars and three beds disembarked, four platforms laid, and three mortars mounted.

Battery No 9. Six platforms laid. Six 10-inch siege mortars mounted.

Battery No. Three platforms for 100-pounders laid. Three chassis for 100-pounders in position.

Battery No. Four platforms for 10-inch sea-coast mortars laid ninety shell received.

Battery No. 12. Five platforms for siege mortars laid and two 10-inch mortars placed in position.

Battery No. Not yet ready.

Battery No. Platforms for two 100-pounders carried into battery; three chassis and three upper carriages for do. received. Two 8-inch mortars, 100 shell, 8 barrels of gunpowder, and implements and equipments for same, sent to headquarters of General Smith.

Cheeseman’s Landing. Six chassis for 100-pounders; six carriages. for do. landed and sent to depot. Large quantity of implements, ammunition, and ordnance stores landed and sent to depot. I have again most urgently to request that a strong working party be sent to cornplete the road in rear of Battery No. 2.

Saturday, May 3.—Battery No. Thirty-four shot and shell fired at big gun bastion and water battery, with very good effect at the latter.

Battery No. Completed the setting up of the mantelets. A working party Oil the road from 12 m. until 5 p. m.

Battery No. 3. Completed setting up of mantelets. One 20-pounder platform laid and one additional 20-pounder gun placed in position.

Battery No. This battery was entirely completed, platforms all laid, and mortars all mounted at 9o’clock a. One hundred barrels of powder placed in magazine; implements and equipments supplied.. The battery is now ready for service.

Battery No. 5. Two additional 20-pounder guns placed in position.

Battery No. Supplied with platforms and with 634 10-inch shells.

Battery No. Laying platforms for 100-pounder and placing chassis and carriages for ditto in position. Two badly-directed shots from No. 1 dropped shells into this battery to-day, of which one exploded, fortunately without injury to any one.

Battery No. Remaining platforms laid and ready for mortars. Magazine completed. Two beds and one 10-inch sea-coast mortar hauled in and placed in position. One hundred more shell received. Twenty- five barrels powder placed in magazine, with implements, equipments, &c. This battery will be fully ready for service in twelve hours more.

Battery No. Remaining platforms laid and the mortars all mounted and placed in position. Magazine completed and supplied with powder, fuses, implements, and equipments. This battery is now fully ready for service.

Battery No. Engineer work not yet completed. Armament, garrison, and all artillery equipment and supply in waiting. The battery can be made ready for service in six hours after the engineers turn it over to the artillery.

Battery No. Platforms laid for three 100-pounder Parrotts, and [348] the chassis and upper carriages placed in position and mounted. The guns and ammunition will be hauled in to-day and the guns mounted to night. The battery will be ready for service at daylight to-morrow morning.

Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports, pp.346-348

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